The Inspiration behind Welcome to Family Life

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Oprah, Real Simple, Parents, Ladies’ Home Journal…

There isn’t a magazine out there right now that meets all of my needs as a parent.  I pick and choose from the above (yes, I do read Ladies’ Home Journal, don’t knock it ‘till you try it!) and get a lot of inspiration from Oprah’s magazine and her blog (and a few of the shows on the OWN network), but lately I’ve been wanting something MORE.  An online symposium of sorts with articles on a variety of topics related to family life.  A place to go that would serve as a resource and information hub for families.  A warm and supportive community where parents can ask questions, get advice and become PART of the conversation!  Since I couldn’t find what I was looking for all in one magazine or website/blog or TV show, I decided to create my own!  Welcome to Family Life.

I hope you’ll stop in daily to see what’s new!  I’m eager to hear from YOU about what topics you’d like to read about.  Please comment and “like” my posts.  I love encouragement as much as the next person!  I’m so glad to have discovered this platform for sharing my ideas and thoughts.  I’m eager to share my parenting journey AND I’m looking forward to getting to know YOU better, too, via your comments (and eventually, guest blogs)!

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