The Future of Public Education

Los Angeles Unified School District Superintendent Dr. John Deasy discusses the future of education in the US at The Aspen Action Forum.
Los Angeles Unified School District Superintendent Dr. John Deasy discusses the future of education in the US at The Aspen Action Forum.

Do you know who Superintendent Dr. John Deasy is?  If you are a PARENT, grandparent, aunt, uncle or cousin of a child who attends a public school in Los Angeles, please take 5 minutes and watch this short video from The Aspen Institute.  Even if you do not live in Los Angeles but perhaps you are a teacher in another state, a principal, school superintendent, school board member or elected official, please consider watching this video!  Even if you personally do not have kids in the public school system, it is still worth your time to become aware of the issues facing public education today as it will impact all of us in the future.  As you may be aware, today, Tuesday, September 17, 2013, the LAUSD School Board will be meeting.  Our voices as parents and advocates for excellence in public education need to be heard on the importance of charter schools and school reform.  If after watching the video you find yourself inspired by Dr. Deasy’s leadership and commitment to excellence in public schools, please consider signing the petition “We Support our Superintendent Dr. John Deasy” now, http://supportoursuperintendent.com/


“LA is America, only sooner and we are coming to a hometown near you so we had better figure this out.  How well we do this and how well we stumble and figure it out and move quicker is going to matter enormously around this [issue].”

Dr. Deasy further says that it is going to take “GUTS.  Just push as hard as you can, as quickly as you can for youth rights… The system itself is mostly if not completely silent on the rights of students.  We are talking about the ability and necessity to transform the system [from] PreK through grade 12 if we are going to maintain anything of the American Dream for the totality of the other and remain competitive and cooperatively competitive on the national stage.”

To read more about Dr. John Deasy, please visit http://home.lausd.net/apps/pages/?uREC_ID=178743&type=d

What You Can Do TODAY:

• Sign the Support Our Superintendent petition and forward it to your friends, family members and colleagues.
• Call and email the LAUSD Board members below, using the template provided by the Parent Partnership for Public Education.

Richard Vladovic
LAUSD Board President/LAUSD Board District 7
(213) 241-6385

Marguerite LaMotte
LAUSD Board District 1
(213) 241-6382

Mónica García
LAUSD Board District 2
(213) 241-6180

Tamar Galatzan
LAUSD Board District 3
(213) 241-6386

Steve Zimmer
LAUSD Board District 4
(213) 241-6387

Bennett Kayser
LAUSD Board District 5
(213) 241-5555

Monica Ratliff
LAUSD Board District 6
(213) 241-6388

Sample Email/Script
My name is _________________ and I am an LAUSD parent/community member working with Parent Partnership for Public Education. I am emailing/calling to urge Board Member ________________ to approve the Common Core Budget on Tuesday, September 17. Further, I ask that he/she support Superintendent Deasy and his work. The LAUSD Board needs to focus on big picture accountability and governance, and allow the superintendent and his team to do their jobs. I am very concerned about losing more key district employees, particularly the superintendent, and ask that you please take a leadership position to keep LAUSD moving forward with positive, student-centered change.

Background – The Common Core Budget
At the September 10 board meeting, Superintendent Deasy was seeking approval of a budget to train teachers in the state’s newly launched Common Core Curriculum. The $113 million in funds is specifically allocated by the state for these training purposes (and cannot be used for anything else). Superintendent Deasy’s team worked for a year and a half with approximately 200 LAUSD teachers trained in Common Core to develop the plan. The plan itself calls for LAUSD teachers to do the training. Although it was the second meeting in which the Common Core Budget was discussed, the board spent more time asking unrelated questions and discussing how to again postpone the decision than they did giving the superintendent concrete feedback or the approval he was seeking. In the meantime, our teachers and students are waiting for training in a curriculum that has already been implemented. Just to put this all in perspective, the $113 million Common Core Budget represents less than 2% of the entire $6 billion+ LAUSD budget.

As PARENTS and community members, we have a wonderful opportunity to make our voices heard and to help bring about real change and education reform in the great city that we all call home, Los Angeles!  We all need to make it a priority and TAKE ACTION TODAY!

Thanks as always for your support and for being a part of the conversation on education, schools, parenting, work/life balance and more at Welcome to Family Life!

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