American Nuns as Reformers

Education reform.  Health care reform.  Is reform coming to the Catholic church? I’m totally fascinated by the 60 minutes story on Pat Farrell, the nun who leads the group that represents 80 percent of American nuns.  Sister Pat and her group came under scrutiny from the Vatican “…for not vigorously promoting the church’s positions on issues like same sex marriage and male only priesthood.  She says, ‘sisters want a place at the table, in their parishes and in the church hierarchy.’  In the past, her group has gone on the record support in the ordination of women as priests, a topic so taboo the church says it’s not even up for discussion.”

What are your thoughts?  Do you support the idea of women as priests?  Nuns are an incredibly diverse group of women who commit their lives to God and to serving the sick, poor and uneducated.  Nuns serve all over the world in a multitude of ways.  Some nuns advocate for justice, others work in a variety of fields such as in education as teachers and in the healthcare system in every capacity from scrub nurses to doctors to CEOs and CFOs.Read more here:


OR if you’d prefer to watch the full 60 minutes episode, click here:


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