Dreams for our Children

Moms the world over want the same things for their kids.  As moms, we want to give our children a healthy and happy start in life.  A good education.  Opportunities that perhaps we didn’t have.  A better life.  As moms, we want to provide our kids with everything they need and some of the things they want.

The challenge, for me anyway, is to remain present and mindful on my parenting journey.  There is no rewind button.  We do the best we can each day and each year as we parent, learning from the inevitable mistakes we make along the way.  Psychologists tell us that the way we parent, raise and interact with our children leaves a powerful imprint that will be with them for life.  So, we do our best to show our children not only love and care but also respect, empathy and kindness.  When we parent in this way, we our teaching our children that their voices and their dreams are important.  That they are seen and loved for who they are and who they want to be.  That we believe in them, that we’ll advocate for them, that we’ll do anything within our power to support their hopes and dreams.  One day our children will be all grown up and many of them will become parents, too, exploring the world, discovering their interests, forging a career path and raising their own children.

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