Happiness = Connection

I believe that the key to happiness in life is connection.  Connection with self and with others.  To begin this happiness journey, start by connecting with your authentic self.  When you devote the time and energy into discovering what you truly love to do, what makes you feel creative and alive, you are making a connection to your authentic self.  When you know who you are and what makes you unique, you are ready to connect with others in a meaningful way.

When you make the choice to open up, to allow yourself to be vulnerable, when you feel ready and comfortable to share your truth, you will be able to find the connection with others that we all so desperately long for.  Let’s be honest–it’s so much easier to share only our triumphs in life.  To gloss over either the hard work that got us to this place of success OR to diminish the hardships and loss that we’ve faced along the way.  When we hold back from sharing our stories of loss, we are letting fear rule our world.  The fear of being seen as weak or less than perfect.  The fear of being found out as a failure or as a human being who is simply struggling.  The reality is that our loss connects us as much, if not more so, than our triumphs!  Loss is relatable and real.  Everyone struggles with something.  Everyone has failed at some point in their life.

It’s our personal story of both triumph and loss that is our whole truth.  When we share the full story of our lives, we feel a sense of freedom in finally being exposed as a human being.  When we step outside of our fears, we are able  to show the world and, most importantly, those closest to us our true, authentic selves.  The beautiful, messy, overwhelmed, sad, lonely, scared and happy parts of ourselves.  Human beings are complex and often our emotions run the gamut!  We do not need to show our brave face all the time.  It is freeing to be able to let go of our ego, to allow our vulnerabilities to be seen, and to make the choice to be guided by our hearts.  When you are heart driven, you feel a sense of purpose.  When you are connected to your heart driven purpose, you feel that what you do is making a difference in the world.  You are connected to your calling in life.  And yes, I do believe we all have a calling!  When we are guided by our hearts and not run by our fears, we feel connected to ourselves and to others.  At long last, we are able to see, experience and feel all the love and happiness that surrounds us each day!

4 comments on “Happiness = Connection

  1. As always I love your great wisdom. Even this senor citizen has something to learn. Joanjj

  2. It can be SO scary to take the steps needed in order to stay true to who you are and what you stand for. Transitions can mean less comfort and stability which, as a parent, can also bring up feelings of guilt and inadequacy. Your message is an important one. As I get older, it has become more necessary to be reminded that in addition to being a parent that has wants and needs for my family, that I have hopes, dreams, and aspirations for myself as a woman that are separate from motherhood. This has proven to be a very delicate balance but of course, well worth it. My happiness propels my family forward by modeling some giant ideas to my girls: I/we can do anything I/we set my/our minds to. There is work involved in getting what you want. Sometimes you have to give something up (time, money, energy, etc) now in order to get something bigger later. When I/we get what I/we need, I/we are better for/to everyone around us.

    Thank you for your posts. Keep them coming! We’re all better for having read them.

    • Thanks for this beautifully written comment, Kimberly! As an early childhood educator and mom, you have a lot on your plate. It’s clear, though, that you are passionate about your work AND your home life. Thanks for sharing a little about your life and journey. I totally agree with your sentiments and think that as women, it’s important for us show our daughters (and our sons!) that we love our lives, that we are passionate about the way we spend our time and devote our energy. We are role models–like it or not–and our kids look to our lives for inspiration as they grow up and make choices about the kind of life they want to create for themselves.

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