5 Life Lessons We Hope Our Children Will Take Away From Our Parenting

1. Kindness counts in life.  Being kind is more important than being cute. Kindness, a smile and, yes, a little charm will open doors and open hearts.

2. You are loved and lovable.  We love you more than you can imagine and have loved you since we first dreamed of you, since we first felt you kick in our belly, or first got the news that we were matched for adoption.

3. You are a person of worth.  You are good enough just as you are.  You do not need to earn our love, you have it now and will have it always.  You don’t need to bring home all As or captain a sports team or get into the Ivy League one day to make us proud.  We celebrate you and take joy in watching you learn and stretch and explore and grow.

4. Live in gratitude!  We hope that you see the world through the lens of gratitude.  When you are grateful, you are aware of all the positive around you.  You become mindful and are able to appreciate the big and the small things in life.  No matter where your life takes you, remember that you have so much to be grateful for.

5. Find meaning in your life!  A sense of purpose will bring you lasting happiness.  Strive to find meaning in your work, paid or volunteer.  Take the time to foster close relationships with your family and friends. Making meaningful connections is the key to happiness in life.

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