Life in the Minivan: Organizational Tips

minivan organizationLife as a modern mom necessitates a lot of time in the car (or minivan in my case).  I love to organize and share ideas for making car trips with kids fun and productive.  As you may guess, I’m a fan of Pinterest and a frequent shopper at the Container Store and Target’s school supply aisles!  Here’s a simple bin system that I set up in the second row of my minivan.  Here’s what’s inside:

1.  A clipboard so our older daughter can get some homework done in the car.  Remember, I live in LA and the traffic really is as bad here as everyone says it is!  There are times when I feel like I could walk or run faster than my minivan moves during peak traffic hour.

2.  School and art supplies like crayons, colored pencils, pencils, pens, paper clips and tape.  I also keep stamps and a small pack of thank you notes and birthday cards in the car because I sometimes find myself with a few extra minutes before a meeting or school pick up and I can use that time to write a note.

3.  A file folder with plain printer paper so the girls can draw pictures while we sit in traffic.

4.  A few books for each of the kids.  I ask our girls to each pick out 3 books that they’d like to read.  We rotate new books about once a week and try to make a trip to our local library to find new titles.  We also buy great, inexpensive books from Scholastic Reading Club flyers that our teacher sends home.

5.  Snacks!  It seems like our kids are always starving the minute they are finished with school so I keep non-perishable, healthy snacks in the car.  Trader Joe’s has a great snack section!  I also keep a few juice boxes, small bottles of water, and a few Horizon milks that come in non-perishable Tetra Paks.

Hope this is helpful!  If you have organizational tips to share, please comment.  I love to learn and get inspired by other parents who’ve figured out simple organizational systems that make life with kids just a little easier, more fun and less stressful.

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