Education in the USA: What Do We Stand For?

stand up for public educationLike most parents the world over, a well-rounded and high quality education is at the top of my priority list for our two daughters.  I’ve devoted the last 10 + years of my professional life to the field of education as a teacher, charter school founder, and currently as a consultant and recruiter that specializes in education. I’m fascinated by schools–traditional public schools, public charter schools, private/independent schools, parochial schools, you name it!  Ask my husband if there is one topic that I can’t seem to get enough of and he’ll answer in one word, “education.”

I love reading the latest research on the best practices in education and enjoy keeping up with the current trends like our state’s move to adopt the Common Core.  When I was in Teach for America, I volunteered to be my school’s Technology Coordinator because I love technology and I’m convinced that technology can spur innovation and collaboration between students, their teachers, Principals, Heads of Schools, and School Superintendents across the USA and around the world.

I’m asked for my opinion on public schools in Los Angeles, the city I live in, a lot.  I’m proud to be a part of the education reform movement and I like to share my opinion on a variety of topics related to education. My parents raised me and my siblings to be polite but assertive.  To raise my hand, to trust my voice and intuition.  To stand up and to speak out when I feel strongly about an issue.

Whether you ultimately decide to send your child to a public or private school, you have every right to demand an excellent education for your child.  When parents stand up, when we organize and build coalitions, when we speak from a united voice, change happens!  So, today, I’d like you ask yourself this question–what do you stand for?  What matters to you in terms of your chid’s education?  Are you happy with the curriculum and teaching style in your child’s school?  Does your school welcome and encourage parental involvement?

Empowered parents are a powerful force and will drive education reform in our country because together we will stand up, we will speak out, we will attend School Board meetings, we will vote in our School Board elections, we will take the time to care about education in our small towns, in our cities, suburbs and across our nation.

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