Playroom Closet Makeover!

playroom closetThere’s something about Thanksgiving and the holidays coming up that brings out the organizer in me.  I love to find creative and simple ways to organize our home.  With two young girls under the age of 7, my latest challenge has been organizing our daughters’ playroom.  The room was filled with the usual toys, books, puzzles, blocks, board games, baby dolls and arts and crafts.  I often felt like I was doing too much of the cleaning up after the girls were finished playing or after a play date.  My intention was to create a system that would allow the girls easy access to their toys both for play time and  for clean up time.

Pottery Barn Kids, Land of Nod, The Container Store, Target, and Pinterest are my go-to places for inspiration.  Here’s a picture of the finished closet (the left half of the closet, anyway).  Our daughters love arts and crafts, coloring and making books out of construction paper so I tried to make the closet very kid friendly.  All of their materials are in labeled bins that can easily be taken off the shelves and then returned to the shelves without adult help.  Most everything you see in this picture is from The Container Store or Target–I used Elfa components to build out their playroom closet shelves (which are adjustable and removable).  I bought the large white memory boxes, yellow bins, paper organizer, and large white tub for blocks from The Container Store and the craft organizer is from Lakeshore Learning Store.  The smaller plastic bin for Magna Tiles is from Target.

“A well put together home is not about everything matching…it’s about finding things that you truly love and then, because you love something, you find a place for it.” – Nate Berkus, http://www.nateberkus.com

Need to buy a few things for your child’s playroom?  Here are a few links to items on my wish list:

Love this art caddy in pink or aqua!


Adorable desk organizer!


Love this white board, bulletin board and chalk board wall organizational system!


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