School Shootings: Lessons Learned from Move2Safety’s Seminar in Los Angeles

Move2SafetyOn the anniversary of the horrific school shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, CT and on the heels of the latest tragedy at Arapahoe High School in Colorado, it’s more important than ever for educators and parents alike to know what to do in an emergency situation.  Today I was fortunate enough to participate in a safety seminar in Los Angeles lead by www.Move2Safety.com.  Move2Safety was founded by former Navy SEALs Rorke Denver and Matt Maasdam.  “We teach people the basic skills to be their own first responders.  We put people through simulations to teach them to move to safety and dramatically increase their potential for survivability in an active shooter or mass shooting event,”  Rorke explained.  Move2Safety’s seminars teach people to identify dangerous situations, maintain awareness of exits, move quickly away from threats and how to check yourself for injuries and heal psychologically after an event.

Thank you to Jane Yamamoto from NBC News Los Angeles for covering today’s safety seminar–tune in to NBC Channel 4 News at 5pm and at 6pm today for the live interviews.  Thank you to reporter Tiffany Carter from California Life HD as well for covering the event.  My biggest takeaway–if you are ever in an active shooting situation, run, get low and move to safety.  It takes first responders such as the police or fire department several minutes (or more) to arrive on the scene and in the meantime, you need to do whatever you can to create distance between yourself and the shooter.

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