Call To Action for Parents in LAUSD: Special Election Needed in District 1

Nelson MandelaIf you are a parent with a child who attends a public school in Los Angeles, please read this short blog post to learn why we need to demand that the LAUSD School Board hold a special election this Tuesday, December 17, 2013 to fill the Board seat for the late Marguerite LaMotte. As someone who believes in the importance of community buy-in and fair representation, I think it’s critical that parents and community members in District 1 have the opportunity to elect their next representative.  Please read the article below published on the LA School Report signed by Karen Bass, a United States Representative from Los Angeles, Mark Ridley-Thomas, a Los Angeles County Supervisor, Herb Wesson, president of the Los Angeles City Council and John W. Mack, a Los Angeles City Planning Commissioner.


“The school board needs a powerful voice who prioritizes student interests. The school board needs a courageous figure unafraid to challenge the status quo. The school board needs someone whose background and life experience can translate the realities of life in LAUSD’s District 1 into sound educational policy.

Now, the LAUSD school board has a decision to make about how to carry on Ms. LaMotte’s legacy. It can appoint a successor through closed-session dealings because the cost of a special election is deemed to outweigh the right of South Los Angeles families to be heard. Or it can keep with the time-honored practice of empowering residents to find, support and elect their own chosen representative as soon as possible. We believe the choice is clear.”

What you can do TODAY to help ensure that the LAUSD School Board members hold a special election in District 1:

1.  Call and email your LAUSD School Board representative.  Do it today and continue to call and send emails throughout the day on Monday and Tuesday.  Our elected officials are more likely to listen to a loud but organized and collective voice.

2.  Share this blog post with your friends via email or by sharing it on your Facebook page.

3.  Click on the link below for a list of the current LAUSD School Board members, http://laschoolboard.org for each School Board member’s phone number and email address (and the map that outlines the neighborhoods they represent).  If you live on the Westside of Los Angeles, you are likely represented by either Steve Zimmer (who represents District 4) or by the late Marguerite LaMotte (who represented District 1).  Steve’s email is steve.zimmer@lausd.net.  Please send Steve a short email with the subject line “Special Election Needed for District 1 Board Seat.”  Here is text you can use for your email or feel free to use your own words:

Dear Steve,
I am a parent at Castle Heights Elementary (or Palms or Hamilton, etc.) in District 1.  I urge the LAUSD Board to vote to hold a Special Election to ensure a fair process to identify the right candidate that is selected to represent our district.  While there is a cost associated with this, it is critically important to setting a standard for a fair and democratic process.  As a parent, I believe this is the ONLY option that will ensure our students best interests are represented.
For your information – here is a link to a commentary on the life of Ms. LaMotte AND a fair overview of hte current situation and need for a special election:
Your first and last name

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