Los Angeles Parents Unite for Public Education!

stand up for public educationIf you are a Los Angeles parent reading this blog and you send your child to a public school or if you have a baby or preschooler at home and plan on sending them to a public school in the future, please join our effort to ensure fair, elected representation on the LAUSD School Board.

Please save the date, January 7, 2014 (time TBD) for a special LAUSD Board Meeting and a possible parent rally outside the LAUSD Board Room.  At this meeting, LAUSD Board Members will be voting on whether or not to hold a special election to fill the late Marguerite LaMotte’s seat for District 1.  The other option being considered is for the seat to be filled via appointment.  Our voices as parents and community members need to be heard and if we are silent, that will send a powerful message.  Parents have more power than they realize in public education and in influencing policy but we must organize, unite and rally.  At the end of the day, it is our responsibility as parents to advocate for our kids and for excellence in education.  Please join me and many, many other public school advocates and parent organizations in our effort to insist that the next LAUSD Board member be selected via special election.

Why is this important?  Whomever lands in the District 1 LAUSD Board Seat will be an incredibly influential decision maker on a very divided LAUSD School Board.  While the LAUSD School Board may feel far removed from our amazing neighborhood public schools, magnet schools, pilot schools and public charter schools, the Board’s decisions directly impact our children’s class size, teacher evaluations and important funding decisions.

What can I do to help?  I want to start by thanking all of you who called and emailed your LAUSD School Board member over the past week.  Our grassroots phone/email campaign is working!  Now, we have to keep it up tomorrow and immediately after the winter break between January 2 – January 7, 2014.  Click on this following link for a list of the current LAUSD School Board members, http://laschoolboard.orgfor each School Board member’s phone number and email address (and the map that outlines the neighborhoods they represent).  If you live on the Westside of Los Angeles, you are likely represented by either Steve Zimmer (who represents District 4) or by the late Marguerite LaMotte (who represented District 1).  Steve’s email is steve.zimmer@lausd.net and his office number is 213.241.6387.  Please send Steve a short email with the subject line “Special Election Needed for District 1 Board Seat.”  Here is sample text you can use for your email but of course, feel free to use your own words:

Dear Steve,

I am a parent at Castle Heights Elementary (or Palms or Hamilton, etc.) in District 1 OR I am a parent at Fairburn (or Warner, Westwood Charter, Emerson, Palisades Charter, Paul Revere, Pali High etc.) in District 4.  I urge the LAUSD Board to vote to hold a Special Election at your next meeting on January 7, 2014.  A special election will ensure a fair, democratic process and that the right candidate is selected to represent our district and our local schools.  While there is a cost associated with this, it is critically important to setting a standard for a fair process.  As a parent, I believe this is the ONLY option that will ensure our students best interests are represented.
Thank you for all that you do each day to ensure educational excellence for all of our children in Los Angeles.Sincerely,

Your first and last name

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