Ban Bossy: Leadership Tips for Raising Girls

Quote-Graphic_Condoleezza-RiceI’m a mom raising two young daughters. Like many of you reading this post, I want to do everything I can to encourage our girls’ ambitions and dreams for their lives, whatever they may be!  I want them to grow up feeling capable and entitled to a wonderful future of their own creation.

My husband, Chris, and I feel strongly about having our girls play sports and join leadership activities like the Girl Scouts.  An incredible 64% percent of today’s women leaders in the United States (civic, corporate, political, etc.) were once Girl Scouts!  Our intention is to raise empowered girls who’ll one day become empowered women. Girls who are ready and eager to lead and to shine!   If you feel similarly, please check out this great public service announcement with Beyoncé, Jennifer Garner, Sheryl Sandberg, Condoleezza Rice & Jane Lynch by clicking here and check out the site, http://banbossy.com, for great information and leadership tips for parents.

Let’s take away the term “bossy” from our daughters and and replace it with “leader.”  Young boys are rarely called bossy but instead are labeled determined, hard working and courageous.  As little girls grow up and enter middle school, they are more likely than boys to value being popular and well-liked by their peers over traits like independent and competent.  Let’s change that, one girl at a time!  As moms, we have the power to shift the conversation with our daughters.  To inspire them to work hard, to be persistent and to never give up on their dreams!  Let’s ban bossy and encourage greatness!

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