Los Angeles Parents: Vote May 19th!

Vote May 19th LAUSD School BoardToday is an election day in Los Angeles. The city that I love and the city that many of us call home.  I wasn’t born here but I’ve lived in LA for over 14 years. I met my husband here.  I started my career in education here.  We’re raising our family here.  Like many of you reading this, there’s nothing that matters more to me as a parent than the quality of education our children receive. Our public schools are managed by an elected School Board and a Superintendent (who reports to the School Board).  

If we hope to create positive change in our schools, we have to vote in School Board elections.  It’s that simple.  Yet, School Board elections have notoriously low voter turnout. The role and responsibilities of a School Board member are truly awesome (in every sense of that word).  If we, as parents, decided to vote en masse today, we would literally change the fate of the election! Today, May 19th, is in fact an election day in Los Angeles and there are 3 LAUSD School Board seats on the ballot. As parents, we want to elect School Board members who will best represent the interests of our kids. If we don’t vote, our voices and those of our children are silenced.  Parents have the most at stake and the most to loose.  We can not afford to stay home today.  We have to vote and encourage our friends and neighbors to vote, too.

How can you help?  Spread the word!  Share a link to this post on your Facebook page and Twitter feed.  Remind your friends at school drop off today that there’s an election and urge them to vote.

In my opinion, the following three candidates will best serve the interests of children across Los Angeles. Please consider voting for:

Dr. Ref Rodriguez, http://www.refrodriguez.com, for LAUSD District 5

Tamar Galatzan, http://www.tamar2015.com, for LAUSD District 3

Dr. Richard Vladovic, http://www.vladovic4schoolboard.com, for LAUSD District 7 ‪

All kids deserve great schools!  ‬

1 comment on “Los Angeles Parents: Vote May 19th!

  1. Becca- you should run! Your passion is endless and you’d be a great board member!!

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