Taking Time Just for You!

ranunculusWe are all busy.  As moms we take care of so many people.  It’s in the fabric of our being. It’s what we do. But someone asked me recently what do I do to take care of me?  To feed my own body and soul? To replenish the well after a long day of work and evenings spent with my kids, making dinner, supervising homework, and tidying up the house for the next day.  It can sometimes feel like Groundhog Day when you’re a mom, am I right?

Here’s what my daily routine looks like.  Wake up. Early. It’s always early! Run. Make Coffee. Walk the puppy. Feed the puppy. Shower and get ready for work.  Wake up the kids. Make breakfast, pack lunch boxes, let puppy outside one more time. Supervise teeth brushing. Load kids in the car. Drop off at school and then I begin my work day.  End work, head home to cook, have family time, tidy up again and then usually fall asleep long before the episode of House Hunters or Fixer Upper is over that I started watching the night before!

I want to be mindful of my answer to the question, “what do you do just for you each day?”  My intention is to start having a good answer to that question!  I love to read poetry so maybe some nights I can read for 15-20 minutes before I fall asleep.  I love to run and hike so my default answer is that I spent 30 minutes of “me time” going for a run most days.

What do YOU do just for you?  If you don’t have an immediate answer, like I didn’t, maybe start thinking about your day and how you can carve out 20-30 minutes just for you.  Not to catch up on work emails. Or the laundry. Or organizing a closet! It can be anything. A yoga or dance class.  A short run or hike.  A coffee after drop off with a friend before you head to the office.  I’d love to hear what you’ve found that feeds YOUR mind, body and soul!

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