“No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.” – Aesop

Just be kind.  If I can impart any wisdom on our two daughters, it might be those three words. Kindness leads to so many great things!  Kind people are the type you want to be around. We like to live with kind people and work with kind people.  When someone leads with their heart and with a spirit of kindness, you can’t help but be attracted to that positive energy.

Conversely, when you meet someone with negative energy, you can’t help but feel brought down. You never know what someone else is going through and why people may act or react in the way that they do–both in work and personal situations.

Do you know that great saying, when they go low, we go high! I love that.  When someone you interact with starts off with a criticism or negative feedback, it’s okay to listen but don’t let that negative energy creep into your heart and soul. Simply recognize the feeling and acknowledge that it doesn’t make you feel good. Then, release that negative feeling or pain!  Let it go.  Recognize that hurt people hurt people.  Most of the negative people we encounter are going through a hard time in their own lives.  There is almost always a story behind that anger, the frustration, the irritation in their voice, or the critical word.  Try this simple exercise. I’ll admit that it’s simple for me to write this but not easy for me to practice in my own life–but maybe you’ll have better luck than I’ve had with this piece of advice!  Do not take it personally.  The critic is always harder on themselves than on anyone else.  The colleague at work who lashes out at you inappropriately is probably going through something challenging in their own life.  You are simply the person they misguidedly decided to dump their negative energy upon!

If you can, try to feel some empathy.  Let go of your hurt feelings and realize this situation at work or at home with your (insert one of the following — colleague/boss/husband/wife/boyfriend/girlfriend/partner/mother/father/sister/brother/daughter or son — is just a symptom of a larger challenge this person is facing.  There’s always something behind the negativity.

Lead with kindness.  Recognize how blessed you are to have the people in your life who truly love you, care for you and who cheer you on!  Those are the people you want in your corner.  Those positive people are your true squad!  Bring your best self to work and to your home life.  Shine on with your positive self and remember that positive energy is a magnet!  We are drawn to it. It takes such little effort to be kind.  To say a positive word about someone.  You never know whose life you may be impacting by your acts of simple kindness.

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