Good Enough

Can you imagine a world where each child is taught to believe they are enough, just as they are? Sometimes I think most of the problems we face both globally and locally have to do with an internalized, central core belief that we are somehow not good enough. How often have you thought to yourself, “if only I were _______ enough, I’d be happy.” You can fill in the blank with “rich,” “thin,” “good,” etc.

Wars have been started over people believing that their race, religion or socioeconomic status somehow makes them superior to others and therefore entitled to conquer, destroy or decimate others that they deem to be less than or simply not good enough.

This sort of feels like a fear based, scarcity mentality. Like there isn’t enough good stuff to go around so we better not only hang on to what WE have, but we should also try to take whatever good stuff we can from others so that we can horde it for ourselves and the community we live in.

Here’s the thing, though. There is plenty of good stuff to go around!

Happiness does not equate to the size of our checking account. There are plenty of wealthy yet sad, lonely, or isolated millionaires out there. Happiness does not equate to the size of our jeans! There are plenty of sad or anxious thin people walking around! Happiness is the direct result of feeling grateful for what we have right at this present moment.

When you live in a state of gratitude for your wonderful, messy, complex, and beautiful life, you simply feel content. At peace. Grateful. Resilient. Happy. Good enough, just as you are. 💗

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