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Hi, I’m Rebecca George.  I’m a wife and mom of two living in beautiful, sunny Los Angeles!  I love to write and share moments in my family’s life and my journey as a parent.  A bit of the girl next door, I grew up in the Midwest (Chicago and Evanston), graduated from Oberlin College and received my teaching credential from UCLA.  In my professional life outside of Mommyhood, I am the Founder and President of The Firm for Good, a Los Angeles based executive search and consulting firm.  I specialize in recruiting senior leadership positions for non-profits and schools.  I began my career in education through Teach for America.  After teaching elementary school in South Los Angeles for three years,  I became a Founding Teacher at Larchmont Charter School.  I still consider myself a teacher at heart.  Lastly, I am very proud to be one of the Founders of The City School,www.citycharterschool.org, a new charter middle school in Los Angeles.  I’m hoping that by sharing my thoughts on this blog, I will have an opportunity to “teach” a bit and inspire parents and families to live happy, full, balanced and authentic lives.

Since you found my new blog, you likely fit into one of the following 5 categories:

1.  You are one of my friends and you thought it would be nice to stop by and support my new project–thank you!  Or, you are a friend of a friend who sent you a link to my blog.  Stay awhile, grab a cup of tea, read, relax and join the conversation!  If you’re already one of my Facebook Friends, you know that I love sparking conversation on a variety of topics related to family life and that I appreciate feedback and welcome comments.

2.  You are a new (or expectant) parent and have a lot of questions.  You are looking for a warm and nurturing community online where you can find resources and information on schools in the Los Angeles area (everything from Mommy and Me/Parent and Me to preschool, K-12 schools, private, public, public charter school) to lists of fun activities to do with your kids during the school year and summer (in Los Angeles primarily and eventually across the USA–guest bloggers’ entries will be coming soon!) and general parenting advice and support for being a mom.

3.  You are a seasoned parent (or grandparent) of 1, 2, 3, 4 kids (or more!) and you are looking for encouragement, positivity and inspiration in your life!  You are looking for tips on how to foster a family life that is joyful and positive.  You are focused on raising happy, confident kids.  Kids with good minds and good values!  Kids who share and who want to give back to their community.  Kids who are connected to their siblings and parents.  Kids who can navigate the online world with ease but who can also navigate the real world and create meaningful relationships.

4.  You are eager to share what’s worked in YOUR parenting life and are looking for a platform to share your own tips and advice!  Think of this site as Pinterest for Families!  Sharing is encouraged!  I am a beginning level/home cook so I’m always eager to find great family recipes that don’t require a ton of ingredients or a ton of prep.  Like many of you, I’m a busy, multi-tasking mom and I don’t have a lot of time to cook but I do have a family of 4 to feed each day.  I also love to organize (love the Container Store!) and love to share my own simple organizational tips to make parenting life a little easier, more joyful and less stressful.

5.   You are not a parent but you have been following me on Facebook and you’ve enjoyed reading my posts on education and charter schools, gratitude, work/life balance, being a mom, living an authentic and empowered life, being present, life choices and the importance of fostering community.  Everyone is welcome here!

11 comments on “About

  1. Rebecca, you are incredible! An inspiration to everyone who knows you. You inspire me! Good Luck!

    • Thank you Rachel! You are the most supportive friend I could ask for. Whatever project I’m working on, you always check in and make me feel seen and heard (isn’t that what we all want in life?) Thank you for your encouragement. It really does mean a lot to me! xo

  2. I LOVE spending time with you and chatting when you are in Chicago…now I get to do it more often! So excited for you (and the rest of us out here in cyberspace). You go girl!

    • Hi Elaine! Thanks for visiting my new blog! I love our conversations, too and I’m excited to have this platform to share the inspiration I get from you with the world. I love all the remodeling you’ve done in your home–you are creative and have great design and organizational skills! I’d love to have you guest blog sometime if you’d be up for it! Either way, I’m so glad we’ll be able to catch up more often here at Welcome to Family Life (and in person on my visits back to Chicago!)

  3. Catherine Gopaulsingh

    Rebecca – what a wonderful new project. look forward to sitting back and reading all about it! best of luck.

  4. Jen Levine

    Hi Bec — This is so cool! My friend who is very into Wholehearted living suggested the book the Gifts of Imperfection. Might be worth checking out if you haven’t already.

    • Hi Jen! Thanks so much for your support–it means the world to me! Another friend just referred me to Brené Brown’s books and her TED talk (I highly recommend viewing it!) I’m totally fascinated by her research on shame, vulnerability, courage and perfectionism. I’m excited to read The Gifts of Imperfection and to later share my thoughts on this blog. I love to read and am always excited to get recommendations from friends and from my amazing sisters!

  5. Hi Rebecca! Glad I found your blog! I am the girl who spoke with you at the deli in San Fran!! Sounds like you are doing a lot of great things! Awesome!

  6. super inspiring how old is daughter #2

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